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  • John Redins  Mobile phone: (613) 277- 6975  EMAIL:
  • Julian Morelli, Director of Communications, Green Party of Canada  cell: (613) 614 4916  office: (613) 562 4916 (224)
  • Kirsten Strom, Executive Assistant to Director of Communications  (613)562-4916 ext. 200 Toll Free 1.866.868.3447

Green Party Announces Job Creation Plan  
(OTTAWA) September 17, 2015 – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich - Gulf Islands), unveiled the Green Party’s plan to create long-term, well-paying, and sustainable jobs for Canadians.
“We need to kick-start our economy to get out of the recession. Job creation in fighting climate change, modernizing our crumbling infrastructure and investing in those sectors that benefit from the low dollar can do it. Under the Conservatives, innovation and productivity have declined,” said Ms. May. “We need to build up the sectors of Canada’s economy, including manufacturing, tourism, value-added forest products, and cultural industries to create a long-term sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.”
To create sustainable jobs and boost Canada’s economy, the Green Party will:
●      Create a National Sustainable Jobs Plan, including a $6.4 billion annual investment in infrastructure, and unleashing an army of carpenters, electricians, and contractors to improve building energy efficiency;
●      Work with Canada’s renewable energy sector to accelerate the construction of green infrastructure, ensuring a majority of Canada’s energy needs come from renewable sources by 2025;
●      Boost access to apprentice programs in key trades, including: electricity, plumbing, carpentry, pipefitting, and welding; and
●      Create an annual $1 billion Green Technology Commercialization Grant and require all federal legislation to consider its impacts on small businesses.
“The growth of Victoria's tech sector is a great example of how the combination of creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit can be an effective economic driver,” added Jo-Ann Roberts, Green Party candidate (Victoria). “The Green Party's proposed Green Technology Commercialization Grants will contribute to a cleaner economy and environment and provide jobs close to home that keep incomes and profits in our community.”


Ottawa South Greens’ Pledge to Abolish Tuition Fees, Invest in Youth
September 16, 2015 (OTTAWA) - John Redins, Green Party candidate in Ottawa South, today joined with Green Leader Elizabeth May in announcing the Green Party’s Youth and Education Strategy. The fully costed plan includes abolishing tuition fees for students and their families and implementing a debt-forgiveness program for student debt above $10,000.

“So many young families and professionals in Ottawa South are being weighed down under the burden of student debt, unable to get into the housing market or put away savings. Instead, that money goes to government coffers,” said John. “It’s time to abolish tuition fees in Canada and help young Canadians get out of debt so they can help our economy thrive.”

“We must invest in Canadian youth and the skills, training, and education that is necessary to create jobs,” said Elizabeth May. “Young people are faced with the challenge of finding a job after they finish school, in a tough economy, while battling student debt. The Green Party is committed to investing in youth and removing barriers, like student debt, so young Canadians can find stable, sustainable jobs.”

The Green Party’s National Student and Education Strategy will:
●Immediately cut tuition fees for students and their families without adequate financial means, and remove the inadequate 2% cap on tuition for all First Nations and Inuit students.
●Abolish tuition fees for post-secondary education and skills training for Canadians by 2020 through constructing a system of federal grants collaboratively with the universities and colleges.
●Eliminate any existing or future student federal debt above $10,000.
●Abolish interest on new student loans and increase available funding for bursaries.
●Create a national Community and Environment Service Corps, which will provide $1 billion/year to municipalities to hire Canadian youth.
●Help students and their families through the Guaranteed Liveable Income (GLI), to ensure no person's income falls below what is necessary for health, life, and dignity.

“In these times of high youth unemployment, heavy student debt is a burden that keeps young Canadians from being able to start their post-academic lives on an even footing,” said Gord Miller, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario and Green Party candidate (Guelph). “ The debt forgiveness program and our plan to eliminate tuition fees by 2020 represents positive change for students and their families.”

“I am pleased to be here with Elizabeth today in Guelph to make this announcement,” continued Miller. “Our plan will make education more accessible for students. These critical investments in trades, apprenticeships, and education will ensure that all young Canadians have the skills to build a successful future.”

“It is a bold idea, but we can and must afford it. We can implement this investment in our youth through common sense measures like eliminating subsidies to fossil fuels and restoring the corporate tax rate to what it was in 2009,” concluded May. “We don’t need to continue with the status quo; we can do better.”

The Green Party was the first party to release a fully costed platform, available at


Statement by Elizabeth May on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

OTTAWA – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate/incumbent MP (Saanich - Gulf Islands), issued the following statement about the Syrian refugee crisis and the recent death of a three-year-old Turkish refugee and others:

“As a mother and a grandmother, I was devastated to see the photo of that poor child. I cannot imagine the unbearable grief of his father, who also lost his other boy and his wife. I offer my condolences to him and his family.

“As the Green Party leader, I expect Canada to take on its share of the responsibility in the Syrian refugee crisis, so we never see these types of images again. Stephen Harper has no credibility whatsoever on this issue, having failed to honour previous announcements.  We should ramp up the number of refugees welcomed to Canada to 25,000 and we must do more to end the conflict, including living up to our commitments to the UN High Commission for Refugees.

"The current system is almost impossible when compared to sponsorships at the time of the Vietnamese 'boat people' when Canada welcomed refugees with open arms. Now, it is expensive and loaded with obstacles."

“I condemn the inaction of Conservatives on such a pressing matter. I have been pleading with them to take action. We have dozens of cases just in my own constituency: people in Cyprus, in Turkey and Syria who urgently need help. I get direct messages from families whose children are stuck indoors all day, for days on end, because it's unsafe to play outside. Simply put, this situation is a nightmare.”

“As the MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, I have directly assisted in re-uniting families and the effort that it takes is extreme. I have worked directly with the embassies and I know how understaffed they were for this crisis. It is unconscionable.

"I was so happy to reunite two families by getting the husbands of two women out of Syria. I can say from experience of helping people in Saanich Gulf Islands that our system for immigration and refugees is broken as a result of Harper's actions."


Green Party Announces National Seniors Strategy

(OTTAWA) September 2, 2015 – Green Leader Elizabeth May (Saanich – Gulf Islands), unveiled the Green Party’s National Seniors Strategy, calling for better support programs including Guaranteed Liveable Income, Pharmacare, and Homecare. 

“Reports from the OECD have shown the rate of seniors living in poverty is climbing. We support the Canadian Medical Association in their call for a National Seniors Strategy that lets seniors stay in their homes, allows them to remain active, and ensures their quality of life,” said May.

Developed and implemented through our proposed Council of Canadian Governments, the Green Party’s National Seniors Strategy will:

• Implement a Guaranteed Livable Income, which supplements pensions and will ensure no Canadian lives in poverty;
• Create a national Pharmacare program so that all seniors can afford to fill their prescriptions;
• Create a National Housing Plan with affordable and predictable home care;
• Support a national “Aging in Place” approach to ensure every Canadian can live in their own home and community safely and comfortably;
• Increase the Canada Health Transfer to account for the age of a province’s population, so they can afford to provide health care with a demographic that is weighted with seniors;
• Amend and expand the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP/QPP), phasing in over 5 to 7 years a doubling the Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE); and gradually increasing the maximum CPP benefit from 25% of the YMPE to 40%;
• Create a National Dementia Strategy, which includes more long-term care beds in neighborhood facilities and improved supports for family members;
• Promote intergenerational programs to develop relationships that have proven benefits for all;
• Increase convenient and safe public transportation to support independent living;
• Provide access to home equity to support day-to-day living expenses; and
• Address the Supreme Court’s decision to allow physician assisted death.

“On any given day, patients approved for hospital discharge who cannot access appropriate post-hospital care occupy about 7 500 beds across Canada. A hospital bed costs the taxpayer 6 times what a long-term care bed costs, and about 20 times what home care costs,” said Bruce Hyer, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Thunder Bay – Superior North). “An astonishing 13 million Canadians already provide some kind of home-based care for their own family members or friends with long-term illnesses. My Senior’s Bill of Rights, which I will reintroduce after the election, supports informal caregivers and helps Canadians to age in their homes with dignity.”

“Taking care of the needs of our aging Canadians is one of our very top priorities. Our seniors have contributed immeasurably to this country; they have raised us, built our economy, and invested heavily in our social programs. It is therefore completely unacceptable that so many of our seniors are living in poverty and the federal government is missing in action,” added Mary Lou Babineau, Green Party candidate (Fredericton). “I am very proud of the Green Party's plan to help aging Canadians thrive, provide a Guaranteed Liveable Income, create a national Pharmacare plan, and improve the Canada Health Transfer to account for age, so that our seniors can live with autonomy, dignity and security.”


Green Party Stands up for Canada Post

(OTTAWA) September 1, 2015 – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich – Gulf Islands), unveiled the Green Party’s plan to keep Canada Post sustainable and profitable.

“Canada Post is a vital service for Canadians that connects us from coast to coast to coast and encourages small business growth, which is reliant on its distribution networks and low postage rates. Thousands of Canadians – including seniors with mobility issues and Canadians living with disabilities – worry that Stephen Harper’s elimination of home delivery will disproportionately affect them,” said Elizabeth May. “In the next Parliament, Green MPs will diversify services, restore home delivery, and provide environmentally-friendly postage.”

The Green Party will provide Canada Post with new revenue tools to keep it profitable and operating at a service level that Canadians expect. The Green Party’s plan is to:

•Restore home delivery service;
•Reverse Stephen Harper’s cuts to service made in 2014;
•Diversify the services Canada Post offers, including insurance sales, banking and commerce services, supplementary pension plans, and expanded services to remote communities. Other countries, including Switzerland, France, and New Zealand, posted increased revenues after diversifying services;
•Restore and maintain service in rural communities;
•Consolidate delivery services to make deliveries simpler for customers, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
•Oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership’s provisions that end government funding of Crown Corporations.

“Canadians deserve more public consultation and accountability from federal government, especially with decisions like this where 5.1 million households across the country will be directly affected and more than 6000 jobs will be lost. In total, 577 municipalities passed resolutions opposing the decision unless Canada Post consulted with Canadians,” concluded Frances Litman, Green Party Transport Critic and candidate (Esquimalt – Saanich – Sooke). “The decision to phase out home delivery will adversely affect seniors and mobility-challenged individuals, and produce a significant amount of carbon pollution in both the production and installation of 250,000 new community mailboxes and from the people who leave their cars idling at them.”


Greens join UBCIC in calling for Calm: Unist’ot’en in Northeastern B.C. defending their land

(OTTAWA) August 28, 2015 – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich – Gulf Islands), was one of more than 100 signatories to a letter sent to the provincial and federal government, as well as the RCMP, expressing support for the Unist’ot’en community’s right to defend their lands from oil and gas development.

“One of the significant concerns regarding Bill C-51 is language that can lead to legitimate protesters being seen as security threats,” said Ms. May. “The Green Party supports the Unist’ot’en and their right to provide consent for the use of their lands. I join Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs in denouncing any attempt by the RCMP to conduct mass arrests on unceded Unist’ot’en territory.”

“It is imperative that the RCMP does not provoke a conflict; it would be reckless and irresponsible,” continued May.  

“This camp has been peacefully defending the land since 2009,” said Brenda Sayers, Green Party candidate (North Island-Powell River), “Why would the RCMP choose now to contemplate mass arrests? Is it related to the election?”

“The good people of this camp are defending their responsibility for stewardship of the land. Their rights were reaffirmed by the Tsilhqot'in decision last summer. The people of the Unist'ot'en Camp are peaceful. Police escalation is inappropriate and dangerous,” said Lynne Quarmby, Green candidate in Burnaby-North Seymour.

“It is necessary and important that our governments and the RCMP know that we are watching and that we care. We care about the people in the camp and we care about the land that they are protecting. Especially in election time, when there is temptation to use these types of issues as hot-button issues, we must all remain calm,” continued Quarmby.

A total of eleven companies are currently proposing to run oil and gas pipelines through Unist’ot’en territory, but the Unist'ot'en have not given their consent for the project, and continue their blockade of the area.

Other signatories include Union of BC Indian ChiefsBC Assembly of First NationsCanadian Union of Public Employees Local 718Idle No MoreCouncil of Canadians, David Suzuki, and Naomi Klein. A full list of signatories and the letter is available here:


Green surge on Vancouver Island-New Independent Poll

“May posts the best momentum score of all four main party leaders with +11… clearly ahead as the best person to handle the environment (43%)” - Insights West

(OTTAWA) August 27, 2015 –Green Party support on Vancouver Island has surged from 20% in May to 32% in August, according to a recent Insights West poll. While support for the Conservative and Liberal parties appear to have collapsed tied at 15%, the Greens are pulling ahead with 32% support among decided voters.  The NDP are still ahead with 39% support. 

“The strong Green campaigns in each of the seven Vancouver Island ridings is largely due to the extraordinary calibre of the individual candidates. with our shared commitment to defend our coasts while building a more resilient economy, we were feeling the surge of Green support, even before we saw these poll results, "  said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich – Gulf Islands). “British Columbians are likely to make a huge difference in this election.  By electing Green MPs prepared to roll up our sleeves and work across party lines in a minority Parliament, we can ensure a productive, respectful parliament that gets things done." 

In the Insights West poll, Elizabeth May has a 65% leader’s approval rating on Vancouver Island – the highest approval rating of any of the party leaders. When asked which party leader is the best leader poised to defend the environment, B.C. residents overwhelmingly chose Elizabeth May over the other party leaders. Ms. May was also the most trusted leader throughout B.C. to defend the coasts from risky pipeline and tanker schemes. 

Elizabeth May concluded, “These polls are encouraging and show that B.C. residents want to vote for Green Members of Parliament who will be champions for their communities and their constituents. Sending Green MPs to Ottawa is the best way to ensure Stephen Harper cannot form a minority government.  I am so looking forward to having a green caucus to stand up for Vancouver Island, with Victoria's Jo-Ann Roberts, Cowichan-Malahat-Langford's Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi, Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke candidate Frances Litman, Courtney Alberni's Glenn Sollitt, Paul Manly running for his father's former seat and Brenda Sayers in North Island Powell River, Greens are going to bring integrity and personal courage to Parliament."


Green Party Announces National Housing Strategy 

Elizabeth May outlines plan to provide a home for every Canadian

(OTTAWA) August 25, 2015 – Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich – Gulf Islands), unveiled the Green Party’s plan to invest in social and affordable housing, while making Canada a world leader in energy efficiency. 

“We will unleash an army of carpenters, contractors, and electricians to increase home energy efficiency, saving Canadians money on their heating and electricity bills,” Ms. May stated. “It’s time the federal government gets back into the business of investing in social housing, instead of offloading its responsibilities onto cash-strapped municipalities.”

The Green Party will create and implement a National Housing Plan to provide every Canadian with a place to call home. The Green Party’s plan is to:

  • Develop a National Housing Strategy through the Council of Canadian Governments. Canada is the only country in the OECD without a housing strategy. Any coherent plan must include concrete steps for a seniors’ housing plan, a First Nations plan, a plan for social housing, and for affordable market housing;
  • Create a Housing First Approach, a one-on-one outreach initiative that houses chronically homeless people and provides immediate support;
  • Dedicate funding to the co-operative housing sector to enable more new affordable housing projects to proceed, while extending funding for co-ops whose contracts with the federal government are expiring;
  • Retrofit all Canadian homes by 2030 to increase energy efficiency, cut heating and electricity bills, and reduce 80% of building emissions by 2040;
  • Implement a Guaranteed Livable Income to help low-income Canadians and youth reach their dream of affording a home;
  • Eliminate Stephen Harper’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, which currently allows foreign investors to purchase Canadian properties and can drive housing prices up for Canadian families beyond their reach;
  • Increase access to social housing for First Nations on and off-reserve, while strengthening enforcement of living and maintenance standards through our proposed Council of Canadian Governments; and
  • Ensure a percentage of all newly built units are reserved for affordable housing.

“Many people of the B.C. lower mainland are struggling to find an appropriate place to live. In my riding of Burnaby North – Seymour, the price of low and middle-income housing is already out of reach for too many people,” said Green Party candidate Lynne Quarmby. “The leading cause of homelessness is poverty.  I believe that every Canadian deserves to have a place to call home, which is why I will be a strong advocate for the Green Party’s Guaranteed Livable Income plan in the next minority Parliament.”

“Housing continues to be one of the major challenges facing First Nations. On reserve there are often decade-long waiting lists, sub-standard housing, couch surfing and limited to no housing for singles and elders. Over- crowding is six times higher on reserve than off reserve,” added Green Party candidate Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi(Cowichan – Malahat – Langford). “The Green Party supports the Assembly of First Nations’ call for over 80 000 new homes for First Nations. In addition, a comprehensive housing strategy is essential for on-and-off-reserve Aboriginal people and the rapidly growing urban First Nations homeless population.”

“The Green Party of Canada will invest heavily in sustainable infrastructure that will better withstand the extreme conditions brought about by climate change,” saidGord Miller, Green Party candidate for Guelph and the Party's Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs critic. “One way of mitigating climate change is through increased energy efficiency standards and by retrofitting existing buildings. Our 'Green Cities' initiative will reduce urban sprawl, conserve water and electricity and expand public transit and other forms of low-impact transportation.”

“The federal government continues to retreat from addressing the growing housing needs in Canadian cities. This lack of responsibility and vision is contributing to a crisis of housing affordability,” said Wes Regan, Green Party Urban Affairs and Housing Critic (Vancouver East). “I believe every Canadian has the right to affordable and safe housing. This is why Green MPs will work across party lines in the next minority parliament to make a National Housing Strategy a priority.”




Greens Welcome Incumbent MP José Núñez-Melo to the Green Party Caucus

(OTTAWA) August 16, 2015 – The Green Party of Canada welcomes José Núñez-Melo, MP to the Green Party’s Parliamentary caucus.

“I am very pleased to welcome my friend José Núñez-Melo to the Green caucus!” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands). “With three MPs representing ridings in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, we are a strong team going into this election, with a much larger caucus heading into the 42nd Parliament.  José joins a great team of Quebec Greens ready to fight risky rail and pipeline transport of dangerous materials and demand a real and effective climate plan.” 

“It is rewarding to know leaders such as Ms. May and Mr. Hyer care about their colleagues,” said Mr. Núñez-Melo. “I am thankful for their invitation to join the Green Party of Canada, which I humbly accept. I appreciate their understanding about my purpose of obtaining another mandate from Laval constituents to represent them in the 42nd Parliament of 2015, now for the riding of Vimy with a real democratic party.”

José Núñez-Melo, the founder of Les Éditions Panaméricaines publishing company and civil servant for the province of Quebec, was elected as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Laval in the 2011 federal election. Mr. Núñez-Melo recently left the NDP after they rigged the nomination process in his riding.

“I have worked closely with José for several years. He is honest, kind, caring, and hard working. Like me, he often felt uncomfortable with the lack of democracy in the ‘Non Democratic Party’. I am very pleased that he has now chosen to join the only truly democratic national party,” concluded Bruce Hyer, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Thunder Bay – Superior North). “I look forward to re-joining him in the House of Commons. We will work with other new Green MPs in a progressive minority government to restore democracy in Parliament. Bienvenido, José!”

“The addition of Mr. Núñez-Mello to the Québec Greens shows how our message and open way of conducting politics is catching on in Québec. I am overjoyed to have him on our side, because we will have a strong voice to fight for the interests of Québec residents in Ottawa, including our opposition to the transportation of raw bitumen through our communities, by ship, train, rail, or pipeline,” added Daniel Green, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and candidate (Ville-Marie – Le Sud Ouest – Île-des-Soeurs). “Like us, Mr. Núñez-Mello believes that the people of Québec deserve a much better future. He is a man of action, a small business owner, and a man who has embraced this country in the hopes of improving it.”



Background: José Núñez-Melo

José Núñez-Melo was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In 1981, while working full time in the private sector, he obtained a graduate diploma in tourism marketing, after succeeding in a special training program in English as a second language.

José immigrated to Canada in 1990. In 2000, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in management from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Montréal, and a Certificate in transportation (logistics) from McGill University. Just recently, he attended an intensive programme leading to a Professional Certificate in Parliamentary Affairs by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies in London, U.K.

José founded his own small publishing business, Les Éditions Panaméricaines, in 1994. At that time, the company published a prestigious Spanish language periodical in Montreal. For more than two years he worked with the 2nd Canadian Division Support Group of National Defence as a part-time civilian worker.

From 1998 to 2011, José worked for the Government of Quebec as a public servant. At the same time, he has served as the representative of the Syndicat de la fonction publique du Québec (SFPQ).

Jose is passionate about politics, and has been actively involved since 2007. In 2011, José was elected Member of Parliament for Laval, where he has been living since 1998. He is more than ever motivated and determined to continue in politics, and looks forward to his future with the Green Party of Canada.


Green Party Unveils Election Plank to Ensure Care to Veterans

August 14, 2015
(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada and MP (Saanich – Gulf Islands), today unveiled the Green Party’s plan to reverse damaging cuts to services and support for our veterans. She made the announcement in Nanaimo, and was joined by Afghanistan war veteran Capt. Trevor Greene and his family.

“Under Stephen Harper, our veterans have experienced a loss of respect and of needed services,” said Ms. May. “The use of lump sum payments have left disabled veterans without income security for their lifetimes.  The shuttering of Veterans Affairs offices has left veterans without needed services. We have sent our military into war zones without planning for the needed services for them and their families on their return.  The failure to respond adequately has led to tragic losses at home to suicide.”  

Working as a strong partner in what is projected to be a minority Parliament after the next election, the Green Party’s plan calls for reversing damaging changes brought in under the New Veteran’s Charter. The Green Party will increase funding to ensure any veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who wants a service dog will have access to one. Service dogs reduce PTSD in 82% of the cases, comparing favourably to pharmaceutical approaches. The Green Party commits to re-opening the Veterans Affairs offices.

Capt. Trevor Greene, a Canadian Forces veteran, author and journalist, who survived a brutal axe attack while serving in Afghanistan in 2006, endorsed the Green approach. Mr. Greene has co-authored, with sustainability expert Mike Velemirovich, a book focused on the threat of climate change – There Is No Planet B; Promise and Peril On Our Warming World.

“We were one of the top per capita contributors to peacekeeping missions around the world, and now we’re not even close,” said Capt. Greene. “In the early 1990s, Canada sent more than 3,200 peacekeepers to peacekeeping missions around the world. Under Stephen Harper, we have significantly cut back on our involvement in UN peacekeeping missions and now contribute only 122 peacekeepers to UN missions and are ranked a disappointing 67th in the world. That’s disturbing and it hurts morale and our reputation abroad.”

Additional information and details of the Green platform for our veterans can be found in the backgrounder available at this link:


Greens Ask Mulcair to Step up in all Debates

(OTTAWA) August 8, 2015 - Statement from Julian Morelli, Director of Communications for the Green Party of Canada:

“On Thursday, Canadians watched Green Party Leader Elizabeth May engage with the other party leaders on a wide variety of topics during the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate. As a result, an overwhelming number of Canadians said very clearly they want to hear more of what Ms. May has to say.

“Surprisingly, Mr. Mulcair recently announced 'conditions' that never existed until recently regarding his participation in debates. Mr. Mulcair’s threat to pull out of the National Broadcasters’ Debates underscores his intention to deny Canadians their right to hear from leaders about what they would do if elected.  The fact is that in 2011, over 14 million Canadians  tuned in the watch the debates hosted by the National Broadcasters. 

“As we understand it, Tom Mulcair unconditionally agreed to participate in the Up for Debate proposal that was put forward in the fall of 2014, to discuss women's issues.  His recently announced conditions put into question whether or not he will participate. 

“It’s also amazing that in one breath, Mr. Mulcair would say that more debates contribute to the democratic process, but yet in another, he refuses to face Canadians head on in a national leaders’ debate. 

“A recent article in the Canadian Press outlined Mr. Mulcair’s conditions for his participation in future debates. In the article, Thomas Mulcair stated that he will only participate in debates with Stephen Harper and all of the ‘main’ party leaders. Is Mr. Mulcair insinuating that Elizabeth May is not one of the ‘main leaders’? He also stated in an interview with the CBC that it doesn't make sense to participate in debates without Stephen Harper - we on the other hand, believe that it makes perfect sense with or without Stephen Harper. Canadians need to know as much as they can on where the leaders stand on issues.

“Mr. Mulcair has now sent a clear signal to Canadians that he only wants to talk to them on his terms.”


Elizabeth May Clear Winner in Maclean’s Debate

(OTTAWA) August 8, 2015  Journalists and political pundits across Canada and around the world declared that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was the clear winner of the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate, citing Ms. May’s extensive knowledge and ability to articulate her position on issues from the economy, to health care, the environment, and international affairs.
“We need to build up Canada’s economy through investment. Right now, there is no investment going on and there hasn’t been investment in the last two years,” said Ms. May. “We need to make sure this economy doesn’t sputter to a halt and if we stay with Mr. Harper’s risky plans, that’s where we’ll be headed.”
Ms. May challenged Thomas Mulcair to clearly state his position once and for all on the Kinder Morgan pipeline. It was made clear that the NDP opposes Keystone and Enbridge, but does not oppose Energy East Pipeline and Kinder Morgan expansion.

“The Green Party opposes every single risky pipeline project to ship unprocessed bitumen,” said Ms. May. “I would like to ask Mr. Mulcair: Will you join us and help fight against the reckless Kinder Morgan tanker scheme?”
Ms. May went on say that Green Party MPs will work with all parties in a minority Parliament and bring back much needed civility to the House of Commons for the best interests of Canadians rather than political parties.

“Isn’t it ironic that in this section dedicated to our democratic institutions, specifically about how much heckling there is in Parliament, it is difficult to have a civil conversation. As Canadians, we can disagree without being disagreeable,” said Ms. May. 
“Elizabeth May showed Canadians that the Green Party is clearly a multi-issue party that is committed to a Canada that works together,” said Julian Morelli, Green Party Director of Communications. “Given Ms. May’s strong performance last night on issues ranging from the economy to foreign affairs and national security, Canadians will have a hard time understanding why Elizabeth May has not been invited to the Globe and Mail, Munk, and TVA debates, and they will demand to know why.”

Mr. Morelli continued: “Canadians will also want to know why both Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper have so far refused to take part in the televised National Broadcasters’ debate - one that will be seen by at least 14 million Canadians from coast to coast to coast.  What are they so afraid of?”