About John Redins

John was the candidate for the Green Party of Canada in the constituency of Ottawa South in 2015.

John Redins is a long-time organizer and volunteer, who is committed to building stronger communities throughout Ontario and Canada. John has been an area leader for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), for about 10 years. ACORN advocates for social and economic justice on behalf of low and middle-income members of the community.

John first became active in politics at the provincial level, when his hips collapsed and he experienced the failures of our healthcare system. Since that time, he has advocated for people living with disabilities.

John was inspired to enter the federal political arena by his sense that the decision making process of the current administration was increasingly being geared to extremely wealthy Canadians, with middle and low-income Canadians simply being an afterthought. He believes this needs to change, and would like to see more emphasis placed on ensuring average Canadians have access to affordable high-quality public services, whether that be education or prescription drug coverage.

Environmental issues also hit home for John when his hometown of Schreiber, Ontario was considered for a nuclear waste dump. From his point of view the consultation process was completely inadequate, and instead of focusing on ensuring the safety of local citizens, those in charge were simply offering money to keep concerned residents on board with the project.

John knows the struggles that average Canadians have had to face since the recession. He was previously employed at a Saturn dealer in Ottawa, but had to move on when the dealership ceased operations following the global financial crisis. Previously John moved to Ottawa from northern Ontario, in response to the downturn in the local mining and forestry industries.

Today, John remains active in his community, volunteering with Children at Risk and the Sens Foundation, selling 50/50 tickets during Ottawa Senators and Ottawa 67's games. He also donates his time to several festivals in Ottawa, including the Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Ottawa Folk Festival, Ottawa International Busker Festival, the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival and Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

John looks forward to meeting with constituents in the riding of Ottawa South over the upcoming weeks, and working with them to solve the challenges that we all face.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have John Redins as our candidate in the riding of Ottawa South.